Facts: Device Information


Facts is a utility application to get device and OS information. Very useful for testers and developers, especially to obtain GMS and HMS information.


  • HMS information
  • GMS information
  • SO information
  • Hardware information
  • Sensors information
  • Share functionality. You can quickly share a value. (long tap on an item)


You can see HMS and GMS information, for example if the device has it available and even shows the version of the AppGallery and services on the current device.

This application is available on AppGallery & Google Play. Or you can also find it with the name of "Facts: Device Information".

The application will be updated frequently with new information and new features. Feel free to create Pull Request in the repository, make suggestions, catch bugs, and comment.

Of course, this project is open source.



Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play