Pull Request report generator


A python script to generate PDF (and HTML) Pull Request reports.

The report includes:

  • Approvers for each PR with the approval date
  • Modified files
  • Merged time
  • Commit hash
  • Direct links to Github commits, users, and pull requests


It is possible to generate one or more repository reports with a command line with the following parameters:

python3 --since v2.0 --until v2.8 --repos repo1,repo2
  • since: Tag name of the penultimate version from which the report will be generated.
  • until: Tag name of the latest version or the one from which the report is to be generated.
  • repos: List of repositories (slug only) separated by a single comma (no spaces)
  • token: Token or PAT (Personal Access Token) from Github. This parameter is optional if the file is used.

The repos parameter can be set the following values to automatically generate reports from all repos in

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